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Gift of Wonder

For Palestine refugee children, UNRWA schools are places of safety and of learning; places where a child can grow and dream; places where a child can breathe. 

Over 530,000 Palestine refugees attend 709 UNRWA schools in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank. UNRWA schools support Palestine refugee students develop their full potential. All children, despite where they live, deserve a quality education and the ability to succeed.

Your Gift of Wonder will help ensure that the neediest students in the occupied Palestinian territory can go to an UNRWA school to learn, explore, and breathe.

Gift in Action

“I dream of becoming a policeman to look after the safety, security, and wellbeing of my people in the refugee camps”, said Mohammed from Tyre, Lebanon. Mohammad is a 9-year old UNRWA student who attends one of our primary schools. Mohammed, who lost his eye to cancer, remains confident of his ability to achieve his dream. He says “I won’t give up my dream of protecting my people’s rights.” His persistence to achieve his ambition is conveyed through his insistence on continuing his studies in spite of having to use a huge magnifying glass to read and write.

Your Gift of Wonder enables aspiring young students, like Mohammed, to continue their education and achieve their dreams regardless of their challenging circumstances. 

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Donations from the #Gifts4Refugees Campaign supports essential services to Palestine refugees.

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