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Gift of Warmth

UNRWA provides winterization support through cash assistance in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Cash assistance is a dignified and cost-effective way to meet the urgent needs of vulnerable refugees in crisis while also supporting the local economy.  It allows Palestine refugees to make financial decisions based on their needs.

Winter places an extra burden on the thousands of Palestine refugee families who fled Syria in search of safety in Lebanon. The living conditions for these refugees can be harsh, especially in the winter. Winterization assistance is vital to ensure that refugees stay warm during the cold months.

Your Gift of Warmth can help to ensure Palestine refugees from Syria in Lebanon stay warm this winter.

Gift in Action

“Last night, we were sleeping in the living room,” says Raya, a Palestine refugees living in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. Standing in her makeshift shelter where she lives with four family members, she explains “When it started raining, water leaked from the roof, soaking the floor.”  Palestine refugee families from Syria are particularly vulnerable as a result of long-term displacement, lack of legal status and limited access to employment opportunities in certain countries. Wintertime places an extra burden on these families, as they often live in poor accommodation.

Your Gift of Warmth can help families, like Raya’s, stay warm this winter. UNRWA provides winterization support through our cash assistance programme to help ensure Palestine refugees can buy the winter supplies they need.

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Donations from the #Gifts4Refugees Campaign supports essential services to Palestine refugees.

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