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Gift of Success

For Palestine refugee children, UNRWA schools are places of safety and of learning; places where a child can grow and dream; places where a child can breathe. 

Education is Oxygen for the over 530,000 Palestine refugees who attend 709 UNRWA schools in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank.

Your Gift of Success will help ensure that the neediest students in the occupied Palestinian territory can go to an UNRWA school to learn, explore, and breathe.

Gift in Action

"I don't feel safe walking home alone. If I have to, I run," explains 13 year old, Mariam, who lives in East Jerusalem. For many, living near their school is a blessing. For Mariam, who just started 8th grade, living near her school doesn't always feel safe.

"I walk to school with my sister and my friend Aya," says Mariam, ""When I am alone, I am afraid Israeli soldiers may stop or arrest me."

Living under occupation in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,  means limitations on freedom of movement, military incursions, live fire, forced displacement, home demolitions and more. For Palestine refugee children living there, UNRWA schools provide a second home where they can feel safe. Education is Oxygen, allowing them to breathe and flourish.

Your Gift of Success has the power to support young women like Mariam reach their potential. Thousands of Palestine refugee children graduate from UNRWA schools each year with the hope of a brighter future. 


Donations from the #Gifts4Refugees Campaign supports essential services to Palestine refugees.

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