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Gift of Success

UNRWA Education in Emergencies programme helps ensure that Palestine refugee children and youth continue to access their right to quality education even in times of emergency.

In Syria, young Palestine refugee students have been especially vulnerable to the effects of the war. For many UNRWA students, the war caused a disruption in their education. Children have been uprooted from their homes and hundreds of thousands have been traumatized and are in need of psychosocial support. To respond to these students’ needs, UNRWA had to do things differently. We delivered education in alternative ways, through self-learning materials, interactive learning games, educational videos and safe learning spaces. We expanded psychosocial support to children through additional counsellors and teacher training, and also promoted stronger community engagement. All children, despite where they live, deserve a quality education and the ability to succeed.

Your Gift of Success can help ensure that UNRWA’s school doors remain open for Palestine refugee children. Their success is our success.

Gift in Action

Jenin is the oldest girl in her 9th grade class in Syria. She is passionate about education but she had to drop out of school for two years, a time she refers to as the ‘starvation years’, due to the intense siege of her refugee camp Yarmouk in Syria. She now lives in a two-room apartment with 18 people. Jenin works from 8am to 12pm, then goes to an UNRWA school, then back to work from 4pm to 9pm. At night she does her homework, often by candlelight, as electricity is unreliable. “I am tired, but I love learning,” says Jenin.

Your Gift of Success has the power to support young women like Jenin, whose passion for education knows no bounds. Thousands of Palestine refugee children graduate from UNRWA schools each year with the hope of a brighter future. Their success is our success.

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