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Palestine refugee women's lives are shaped by displacement, occupation, blockade and conflict.  Often, this is made worse by persistent legal and social discrimination. Women are particularly vulnerable to poverty, gender-based violence and face barriers to employment opportunities.

In spite of these circumstances, Palestine refugee women are an immense source of strength for their community. Many serve as the main breadwinners for their families, challenging traditional expectations of their role in society.
Whether an entrepreneur, fisherwoman, homemaker, artist, teacher or cook, Palestine refugee women are bound by a strength that comes from overcoming barriers, physical, social and otherwise.

Your Gift of Strength can support essential services that help Palestine refugee women thrive. From education to food assistance to microfinance loans, these services are critical for Palestine refugee women and their families.

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"“I have to be strong for my kids,” says Myasar, a Palestine refugee mother of three from Syria. ""Our lives have always been very difficult and full of continuous struggle,” she says.
Myasar and her children live in the Damascus Training Centre in Damascus, Syria. The UNRWA facility accommodates in its classrooms more than 180 Palestine refugee families displaced by the war. Myasar used to live in Yarmouk refugee camp, in south Damascus. In 2012, the camp was the scene of violent clashes, and most of the people who lived in Yarmouk were forced to leave. When they left, her husband went missing. She has not seen him since then. Myasar explains that it is not easy to raise the children without their father: “I face a mountain of challenges each and every day.”
Despite the ongoing conflict, Myasar is determined to provide her children with a future. "School remains a top priority for my children – I believe it will help them achieve their potential,” she says.

Your Gift of Strength supports women like Myasar overcome adversity and define their own destiny.


Donations from the #Gifts4Refugees Campaign supports essential services to Palestine refugees.

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