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The occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, continues to have damaging consequences on the lives of Palestine refugees. 

Home demolitions, carried out by the Israeli authorities, on Palestinian-owned houses, are often on the grounds that they lack building permits. However, it's almost impossible to be granted a building permit. As a result, thousands of Palestine refugees in the West Bank are at risk of forced displacement. 

In response to forced displacement, UNRWA provides emergency support to affected refugee families. This includes cash assistance to support temporary housing, rebuild damaged property, or replace personal belongings. UNRWA staff will also issue referrals so that affected refugees can access specialized services, including healthcare, psychosocial and legal support.  


Your Gift of Shelter helps ensure that protection threats in the West Bank affecting Palestine refugees, like Ferial, are prevented and mitigated.

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“We couldn’t believe that we had our own house, we lived in it before it was complexly finished,” says 49-year-old Ferial, a widow who lives with her mother and two sons. Ferial recently built a new house, on the land she inherited from her father, in Jabal Al Mukabier, East Jerusalem. 

The family lived in the house for three months before receiving a demolition notice from the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem. Ferial appealed to an Israeli court, but was rejected. At noon on 12 February 2019, Ferial was shocked to find her house surrounded by Israeli forces, warning her that she had 20 minutes to evacuate. Ferial couldn't take much out of the house. She lost most of her belongings and furniture.

In response to the family's forced displacement, our Protection Officers were there to support Ferial and her family. UNRWA provided the family with cash assistance to rent a new house and replace some personal belongings.

Your Gift of Shelter helps ensure that protection threats affecting Palestine refugees, like Ferial, in the West Bank are prevented and mitigated.


Donations from the #Gifts4Refugees Campaign supports essential services to Palestine refugees.

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