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Over 1.4 million Palestine refugees live in Gaza. The blockade and severe restrictions on the movement of people and goods have left the economy in shambles and unemployment has skyrocketed. With most residents barred from leaving Gaza in search of employment, Palestine refugees increasingly rely on support from UNRWA to meet their daily needs. Over 80 per cent of people living in Gaza are in need of humanitarian assistance and over one million people rely on emergency food assistance as their main source of food.


This Ramadan, your Gift of Power helps the less powerful families in Gaza have food to share and hope for a brighter future.

Gift in Action

"My son Sameeh impatiently waits for the food assistance we receive through UNRWA. He loves to drink the milk," explains Amal, who beams with pride whenever speaking about her children. A single mother of seven, Amal and her family live in a dilapidated home in Beach camp, Gaza. In winter, rain leaks through the celling in the bedroom. In summer, the corrugated zinc and asbestos roofing makes their home incredibly hot.


"My main concern in life is to provide for my children. They are still children and innocent; they should not have to suffer." Amal's family is considered 'abject poor' as they live on less than US$ 1.74 per person per day. "UNRWA food assistance is very important to us. It helps us survive and provides stability in a volatile environment."


Your Gift of Power, helps mothers, like Amal, access UNRWA emergency food assistance. Over one million people in Gaza rely on UNRWA food assistance for their basic food needs. This assistance is a lifeline, not only to food, but to hope and dignity.

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Donations from the #Gifts4Refugees Campaign supports essential services to Palestine refugees.

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