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Gift of Hope
Cash Assistance

UNRWA provides cash assistance to meet the urgent needs of Palestine refugees in crisis. For vulnerable refugees, cash assistance ensures a feeling of security and dignity. It is a cost-effective way to accommodate the family’s urgent needs, while supporting the local economy. Amidst despair, Palestine refugees have hope that enables them to plan for the future.

Your Gift of Hope helps ensure that Palestine refugee families are able to meet their most basic needs and gives them hope for a brighter future.

Gift in Action

“I hope my son and daughters get to achieve what I could not.” Lina, 34, is a housekeeper living in Zarqa, Jordan. Two years ago, Lina started receiving cash assistance to support her family. She lost her husband in 2015, and since then she has been raising her three children and taking care of her bedridden mother on her own. Before she received UNRWA cash assistance, she struggled to provide nutritious food for her family. “I used to buy the rotten fruit and vegetables because I didn’t have enough money to buy the good ones.” Cash assistance has given Lina the dignity of choice to buy the things her family needs and hope for a brighter future.

Your Gift of Hope supports people, like Lina, provide her family’s most basic needs while allowing her the financial security to have hope for a brighter future.

Gift of Hope - Gift in Action - 10

Donations from the #Gifts4Refugees Campaign supports essential services to Palestine refugees.

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